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9 Reasons for buying organic essential Oil in Canada

9 Reasons for buying organic essential Oil in Canada

Feb 18, 2022

Gagandeep Bhathal

Essential oils have become extremely popular in the last few years with more and more people getting inclined to try alternative health treatments as they are free of side effects and long-term health hazards. Although, this is not something new as essential oils have been in use for centuries owning to their multiple mental and physical health benefits.

Here, we will know all about essential oils and why we should buy them.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the concentrate of various plants. The concentrate is extracted from multiple parts of the plant, such as flowers, stems, leaves, etc. These plants have potent active compounds that offer effective health benefits. Not only wellbeing, but the oils are also used for Aromatherapy, manufacturing cosmetics, and curing illness too.

It takes a mammoth amount of plant material to extract essential oils, making them expensive. For example, about 250 pounds of lemongrass is needed to make a pound of lemongrass essential oil in Calgary. Similarly, about 5,000 pounds of lemon balm makes just a pound of lemon balm essential oil.

Why buying essential oils is necessary?

The power of essential oils has been established for years. Here are the top reasons you must include essential oils in your day-to-day life.

1.     Aromatherapy

As per the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy or NAHA, Aromatherapy is 'the therapeutic or medical use of aromatic substances like essential oils for a holistic wellbeing.'

Essential oils are tremendously used in Aromatherapy. The smell of these oils improves health considerably. If you add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bathing water or use in a diffuser as Aromatherapy, it can help you beat stress, relieve pain, enhance sleep, and much more.

This is how you can experience the benefits of Aromatherapy:

  • Like the old-fashioned way, deeply inhale the aroma of the oil after opening the bottle.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or a cotton cloth, and smell the aroma till it lasts.
  • You can also put a few drops of essential oil in a hot water container and take steam.
  • The essential oil can also be directly applied to your skin so that the body absorbs it. Ensure to dilute the oil.

2.     Fungal Infections

Many tea tree oil studies have confirmed that this oil has antimicrobial qualities. If you have a fungal infection, try applying essential oils like tea tree instead of using traditional medicine. The oil has been used to cure many fungal infection conditions like candida, athlete's foot, oral thrush, and more.

3.     Enhances Sleep quality

Since the essential oil has a relaxing fragrance, it is world-known for its sleep enhancement qualities. So, whenever you observe that you cannot sleep well or your sleeping quality has diminished, this is the time to try essential oils. Many scientists have tested and found that sprinkling a few drops of organic essential oil on a towel and keeping the same on the pillow significantly increases a person's sleep time. The same has also been tested for older adults with dementia using the organic essential oil in Canada to find eye-popping results.

4.     Prevention of critical diseases

One of the best reasons to invest in essential oils is to prevent minor and major diseases. Since many essential oils have antioxidant properties that prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals, it prevents severe diseases like cancer. The researchers indicated how effective essential oils are in prolonging your life!

The essential oils have antimicrobial properties, and it boosts the immune system, shares Josh Axe, a renowned natural medicine doctor and the author of Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine. He adds that the antioxidants present in the oil neutralize free radicals caused due to the factors like pollution, chemical toxins, radiation, etc., and prepare the body to fight against oxidative stress.

 5.     Vanilla Essential Oil in Calgary Relieves Stress

 Many essential oils, like Lavender oil, are used to manage stress and anxiety. For example, scientists believe that orange oil has anxiety-reducing effects. Many people who have stress and anxiety use this alternative therapy to help relieve their symptoms. The vanilla essential oil in Calgary is also widely used to instil comfort, peace, and relaxation. Along with having a sweet fragrance, Vanilla possesses fantastic therapeutic properties that are beneficial for your physical and mental health.

6.     Skin Quality

Do you want supple, nourished, and healthy skin? Try essential oils. Do not miss diluting the essential oils to avoid strong effects. Using Chamomile or Bergamot oil considerably improves skin conditions like eczema. Some essential oils also have anti-inflammatory effects that will enhance the conditions like skin allergy and infection. Bergamot essential oil combined with eucalyptus oil can relieve skin problems like chickenpox.

Anna Guanche, MD and a famous dermatologist in California, says that to treat the skin conditions like acne, 'melaleuca' present in the essential oils can dry mild to moderate acne.

7.     Aids Digestion

If you have been suffering from intermitted digestive issues, we recommend that you try using essential oils. Essential oil peppermint in Toronto and lemon oil have become a popular medicinal treatment for digestive conditions. It contains active compounds that aid digestion, lower acidity, improve bowel movement, and more.

8.     Relieves pain

Black pepper essential oil stimulates blood circulation and alleviates muscular aches and pains. It can also be a helpful solution for bruises. When combined with ginger essential oil, it can reduce arthritis pain too. Peppermint essential oil is also an analgesic or painkiller. Used a lot in the antispasmodic antiemetic, it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties.

9.     Restores Energy

The essential oils are effective in preventing fatigue and improving workout performance. For example, if you inhale spearmint essential oils, it can improve your athletic performance.

As per studies, spearmint essential oil mixed with rosemary essential oil can enhance focus, learning, and memory. Rosemary essential oil also has stimulatory effects and impacts both energy and mood. Increasing the brain wave activity and the autonomic nervous system eliminates the feeling of tiredness and makes you fresh and energetic for herculean tasks.

Essential oils are being used worldwide to treat various physical and mental illnesses. You can inhale the oil or apply them to the skin after diluting them to experience the best results. Browse our website for your choice of Essential oil and give it a try today.