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Our Sleep blend oil is our top mixture in helping you get a good night sleep. Can be used with most diffusers.

  • 100% Natural & Pure Organic
  • Made in Canada
  • One tree planted for every $100 of good sold
  • Aromatherapy oils for diffuser - Try our Sleep aromatherapy diffuser oils blend with lavender oil Marjoram Oil Cedarwood Oil Eucalyptus Oil and Frankincense essential oils for diffusers for home and travel use
  • Sleep oil - We handpicked some of the finest sleep essential oils for diffusers to help promote better sleep aromatherapy by filling the room with a warm aromatic mist that delights the senses
  • Essential oil blends - Many people choose lavender oil for sleep but we believe blending relaxing essential oils for humidifiers and diffusers is even better for enhancing your daily nighttime routine
  • House smell good products - Have your home smell good with our proprietary blend of aromatherapy oil diffuser essential oils to upgrade your night time experience and help you unwind from the day
  • Premium Quality - We’re proud to be a leading name in aromatherapy products and pure essential oils for well-being because we believe in using real ingredients for real results to transform your space

Contains the following essential oils:

Not recommended to use undiluted. Consult a physician before use.