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A Divine Bliss Company

The Kuhvai brand is owned and operated by Divine Bliss, with Production in Canada and USA, we manufacture all natural Organic Essential oils with ethically sources raw material. Our oils are produced with the highest of standards and are of premium quality, no carrier oils or fragrances are added.  We also provide high quality crystals and healing stones. Every crystal and stone is individually inspected for quality and verified in the lab for its frequency and makeup. Our lab testing ensures that you will receive the rock that is as advertised so that you end up using the correct stone for its purpose. We only carry high grade and high energy crystals and stones. If you have any questions, please do reach out to us from the contact page.

We care for our environment

We strongly believe that we need to create a future where our future generations can enjoy the world that we enjoyed and our elders have enjoyed. For these reason we are on a mission to use only sustainable methods for production and to plant as many trees as we can to revitalize the earth. One of the ways that we do this is by planting 1 tree for every $100 of goods sold. Since we can not do this alone, we are supporting the Cauvery calling project that aims to plant millions of trees. Click here for more info.